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Bella Earrings Blue Topaz Stone

SKU: 704137605410 Product price $1,205.00

Earrings Attributes:

Metal: Sterling Silver 925

Stone: Topaz

Stone Color: Blue

Collection: Bella   
Categories: Earrings   


BENITO Earrings - Bella, 925 Sterling Silver With Blue Topaz Stone (1,5 Qt. 6x8mm each) and White Fianits, For Women.

✔ DESIGN - The delightful silver BENITO Earrings - Bella are lovely and delicate jewelry made of pure and noble metal. Wonderful quality and accurate work are only the first advantages of these silver earrings. These earrings consist of two parts: the upper one is a decorative English castle with a shiny smooth surface, the bottom part is a “bouquet” of stones —natural Blue Topaz of the oval shape and white fianits of excellent cut in a double bezel that add elegance to the item. Silver BENITO Earrings - Bella will be a great addition to your character and mood!

✔ METAL - BENITO Earrings - Bella are made of solid 925 Sterling Silver and carefully trademarked with the metal purity for certification. This precious metal wins among others due to its aesthetic appearance and useful properties beneficially affected the human body: it does not cause allergic or other unwanted skin reactions. Rhodium plated silver protects the metal from environmental exposure, retains original state much longer, namely the color & luster. The solid sterling silver earrings will serve for many years without losing their relevance and beautiful look.

✔ STONE - Spectacular pendant earrings will be an irresistible thing in a festive female image. Big blue topaz organically looks in a frame of silver and is featured with fianits. The semi-precious stone of the spring sky color gleams by each facet attracting the attention of others. The scattering of white fianits along the edge of the jewelry, manually inserted into 2 silver mounts, skillfully emphasize the color saturation and beauty of the oval-shaped Topaz. Elegant silver BENITO Earrings - Bella accentuate the tenderness, lightness, and beauty of its owner.

✔ GIFT PACKAGING - BENITO Earrings - Bella comes with the original & stylish gift package. Beautiful box, pleasant to the touch as if hinting at what is inside! The leather trim of the box inside gives the package an elegant and luxurious look and emphasizes a priori the refined nature of the gift.

✔ 100% MANUFACTURE WARRANTY - BENITO brand ensures the buyers the best choice of jewelry and offers a great option of BENITO Earrings – Bella buying at the cheapest price and a 100% a year-satisfaction guarantee. We can fix for free the item if you lose a stone or your setting is damaged during normal wear. All our jewelry has undergone internal quality control before they hit the store showcase that in turn guarantees the buyer the high quality of the goods.

✔ BENITO RETURN POLICY - If you are not satisfied with our jewelry item, please feel free to contact us. We provide its return or exchange on any other item you like within 30 days.

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